Following my dissatisfaction with Kitchenettes food yesterday and my blog post, I received a few tweets from their (silent) partner who refers to his partnership as “Not so Silent.” He replied to my tweet announcing the blog post saying: “ i agree @Kitchenette can b “misleading” as we haven’t finished photographing all our meals & still using Wikipedia entries 4 text” and continued “basically ur elaborate feedback illustrated my strong position loudly 🙂 & 4 that Im Thankful & sorry 4 the bad lunch @ same time”!

Earlier this morning, as soon as I walked into the office at 9, I received a phone call from D. at Kitchenette, she offered her apologies for yesterday’s service and informed me that there was a mix up with the order, as the chicken burger (which was supposed to be a chicken escallop) was meant to be delivered to a school, but it got mixed up and was delivered to me!

I actually loved their customer satisfaction program, or perhaps it’s not a program but prompt feedback! She generously offered to have lunch delivered to our office today, I made it very clear that it was unnecessary but she insisted, making it very clear that all customers receive such kind gestures when they’re not happy with their service, and that it wasn’t because of my blog post.

Speaking of the blog, their also delivering Lasagna to my office today! How charming and genuinely sweet seeing as they have read it on my blog and figured they would treat me to my favorite Italian dish!
Just before three o’clock the Kitchenette delivery guy walks in with a big smile on his face and not one or two, but four meals for the entire office to enjoy, which includes Spaghetti and Meat Balls, Lasagna, Chicken Escallop and Chicken Kabseh!

The lasagna was outrageously delicious, it was firm and did not fall apart when I cut it into bite-size pieces, yet it was soft and had the perfect mix of béchamel, tomatoes sauce and meat! On most occasions I don’t like eating lasagna when am dining out or ordering it in as it becomes very sloppy but, I must admit, I will be looking forward to reading their menu every day and ordering Lasagna whenever it’s there. They also three slices of toast bread battered with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese!

Nadeen had the Spaghetti and meat balls, actually she’s still eating, we’re all done and am writing and she’s sitting across the room, gently swirling the spaghetti around a disposable fork with a big smile on her face! Although yesterdays kubbeh was super sloppy and falling apart, today’s meat balls where a bit harder and firmer than usual but she just loves her Spaghetti and Meat Balls.

Hadi our co-worker enjoyed his Chicken Kabseh! I quote him when says “Okht Shilen”! He ate it so fast I thought he was going to choke! He almost even lectured us about the origins of each meal, but I guess he was enjoying his food so much that he was too busy to talk!
Last but not least, the Chicken Escallop, our Boss Mahmoud had it and wasn’t very happy, he just had a few fries which were not well cooked and a few bites of the sandwich before putting it to the side and deciding that he didn’t want it!

All in all we all agreed that Kitchenette Jo has delicious home-cooked-meals, and we’d be more than happy to order in from there again, we’re just going to stick to the cooked-goodies both Arabic and international cuisines instead of sandwiches.

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  1. kelly dahhaj
    kelly dahhaj says:

    salams~~is there ricotta cheese in the lasagna? I couldn’t find any at the store near Amman when I was there,(not so recent tho’). Sahtain wa afeea! kelly d.

    • Lara
      Lara says:

      Hey Kelly!

      I didnt even know you were in Amman! The Lasgna didnt have ricotta cheese, in Jordan its usually based on Bechemel, however i know what your talking about, Lasagna American Style with ricotta cheese!!! Yum-O! and yes we have ricotta cheese in Jordan, but am not sure if they have it in cities outside Amman! You need to consider huge supermarkets with cheese Deli’s like Safeway, Cozmo or Miles!



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