Good Morning from the lowest point on earth where the MENAICT Forum kicks off once again to bring the most inspirational speakers and sessions in the ICT sector to our region. 

This years theme is ‘Arab ICT Spring: Realizing the potential’ which will feature the MENAICT Expo, Investing in ICT, business matching sessions, the Arab Golden Chip awards, and many networking opportunities all over. Ever since MENAICT started – the regions premier ICT Event, we are here today with some of the brightest minds in the region and the world!

The welcome session started with a few words from Mr. Mohammad Tahboub, chairman of Intaj ICT! ‘We have a common Arab ICT vision’ he said ‘In Jordan we foresee an ICT Transformation, driven by new ICT trends that will reflect on all economic aspects.

The welcome speech was followed by another speech by Dr. Hatem Halawani – Minister of Industry and Trade and Ministier of ICT.

Some of the most interesting stats and numbers shared include:

  • The MENAICT spending in 2013 is forecast to reach $100 Million Dollars
  • Recent studies on emerging and developing economies has found that every 10% increase of internet penetration cause 1-2% decrease in GDP
  • More than 450 companies, with revenues of 2.5 million dollars in the ICT sector
  • Jordan launching ICT strategy to plan from 2013 to 2015 menaict over 450 tech companies
  • $450 million growth rate is the target of the new National ICT Strategy
  • The worlds population is projected to be 10 Billion people by 2050! Tripling in 100 years! Catherine Rogers
  • 70% of the worlds population could live in cities by 2050 – putting incredible pressures on the already strained infrasastructure
  • It took the internet 4 yrs to reach the world! It took social networks a few years to take over our lives!
  • 90% of user devices are within arms-reach all the time
  • YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine
  • In the MENA region there are 100 million Google searches, and 100 millio YouTube Views

 Stay tuned to @larahadi @MENAICT for live Tweets from the event – Blogposts will be compiled shortly after 🙂