So Sleepless in Amman got the chance to sit with the US Ambassador in Jordan Mr. Jones. My friend Khaled and I were in the room, talking about the future of ICT and how the USAID is planning on assisting and continuing its support to ICT in Jordan.

Just before we started firing a list of questions, I loved how humble Ambassador Jones was giving credit to his Social Media team. ‘Have you seen thanks to Haytham and Fares’s leadership that our Facebook page has now surpassed 90,000 Fans?’ That was the first thing we heard today. ‘When we came here over a year ago, Fares and I agreed that we needed to set a goal of over 100,000 likes on Facebook – we’re almost there! We’re very excited about this’ He said.

Of-course the first question (seeing as Khaled had all them Questions lined up today) was – How come you’re not on Twitter? You have to give it to Khaled’s SM skills to stalk people…

The minute you go on Twitter, you have to stay on it, said Ambassador Jones. ‘I’ve been reluctant’ he continued ‘I wasn’t sure there was a demand for my tweeting.’

The upcoming milestone is the 100,000 fans on Facebook, and maybe then the whole Twitter thing would be revisited and decided upon. ‘Im an old fashioned guy, and not everybody wants to hear what I think all the time”. Humility is such a great trait, but trust me Your Excellency, many people look forward to you joining Twitter soon.

So down to business – What are your major initiatives for the ICT sector in Jordan?

The American Embassy is proud of their role in supporting ICT in Jordan. The MENAICT Forum today was sponsored by the USAID, the first day was a tremendous success. The Embassy works closely not only with Intaj, but with all chambers, to promote trade in Jordan. ‘We’ve identified ICT in our USAID and in our mission goals as an area where we think there’s tremendous potential’ Said Jones. ‘We’ve seen the growth here, we’ve seen the vision of the people (like the one’s from the panel earlier this morning) and we like working with them, and will continue to do that!’

Last October, a trade delegation of 15 health technology firms to Silicon Valley as part of a US funded program – where deals were made. The Silicon Valley incubators ‘Plug and Play’ met these Jordanians, and were so impressed that they plan to open an operation in Jordan.

Stay tuned for updates 🙂 

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