“Yesterday, I was thinking what am I going to say today as we think about the future, and as we talk about ICT and how ICT is pervasive every where. I have many things about life, society and the way we live.” Said Fadi Ghandour – Founder of Aramex.

“Computing is not about computers anymore – It is about living”. So anything that we need to discuss today is about technology and how its changing about us. Here are the 9 remarkable things from Fadi Ghandour’s Special Address worth remembering!

(C) Fadi Ghandour – Photo by Ala’a Tarawneh

#1: The issue of connectivity, the issue of broadband today and the future has to be a human right. Because everything has to be digital, and the people who are not connected, are having a human right issue.

#2: As we discuss being digital and look at education in the Arab world in Jordan and everywhere else, and entrepreneurship, I’d like to tell you that Joichi Ito named director of MIT Media Lab was a bartender who doesnt have a degree. When he came to the Arab World he didn’t get the chance, and yet MIT gave him the opportunity and there he is successful as ever.

#3 – When it comes to Business and commerce, it is all online, if it’s not totally today, it is the future. So you need to understand that, remember it, because there are 100 million Arab internet users today. Everything is going digital, so remember that when building businesses.


#4 – Commerce is also social, so remember that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are already addressing that. So how do we become social businesses? E-Commerce is important in terms of instant feedback, addressing the needs of the client, everything is, and will be social.

#5 The future of work is something to think about when talking digital today. In 2009 Time Magazine wrote a whole feature about the subject. Who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now? It won’t look the same, no one will pay just for showing up. It will be run by a generation with new VALUES, and women will increasingly be at the controls.

#6: Social structure in the digital age is different, the feedback of the employees is no longer valued. Sitting with the person that you work for is no longer valued. It is he who is evaluating you, and every organizational structure needs to think abhout. Companies are learning institutions, the education is a must. Not having a learning institution in your companies in the digital age is vital! It’s not the future, it’s here, it’s not how you deal with it, it’s grasping it 24 hours a day, every single second of the day.

#7: Watch out for micro, small, and medium size companies. The internet broadband connectivity, cloud, open source, is so empowering that these people will eat your lunch and be part of your market share! So keep an eye out.

#9 Non-state actors (YOU) are as important as the government today! We need to think about the empowerment of the individuality  We learn locally, not only globally. What happens in Kenya for example, in terms of crowd sourcing that citizens are facing, tells you how much it is irrelevant to censor the crowds, because the tools are so powerful that you waste your time as a government censoring what is not part of today’s world! But Yesterday’s world!

and finally…

#10 – Information and knowledge fatigue and overload. It is of supreme importance to us today! It’s been said that many managers are suffering of health from a direct result of information overload.

  • 66% actually admitted suffering from the information overload!
  • 43% say that important business decisions are delayed as a result of having too much information.

As we think about the future, as we think about today, and address technology from a computing perspective, what does the digital age do for us? Think about that!






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