Othman and I accepted an invitation to the Grand Hyatt Amman to check out their 2017 Souk Ramadan hosted at the Sawani terrace last night. Despite the windy 18 degrees’ weather outside that sent chills up and down our spines, it would be safe to say that we were not disappointed.

With multiple live cooking stations taking place across the venue, dates, dried fruits, as well as small portions of Humus, Yalanji, Mutabal and more assortments are pre-set on each table. Soup of the day is also served at the table ide before you head off to the buffet to self-serve.

The appetizer and salad selection is excellent, and ranges from your favorite traditional salads, to an endless array of pickles and olives that one would enjoy.


Tired of the same traditional food at different Iftars during Ramadan? The live cooking stations at Sawani promise to cater to different taste palates and will satisfy the cravings of your growling stomach. The Sea food station is very promising for sea food lovers, the Asian station has three different varieties of freshly produced dishes daily, the Italian station come with freshly made pasta, you really cannot go wrong with the Parmesan stuffed tortellini
in white sauce, or the spinach stuffed tortellini in red sauce.


The hot mezza station will appeal to all traditionalists, and you really cannot miss out on the Shawerma station, saj station which is served with your choice of chicken, turkey and cheese, or plain cheese, and the mixed grill is to die for; among the best Kebabs I’ve had in a while.

There is a Mushakhan station for those who dare (I didn’t, too cold and can’t afford the after math, but it smelled so good, I am making Muskhan at home today), the Falafel station is a great start for the traditionalists with minis pitas and freshly made falafels fried while you wait in queue, and finally a Dumpling station that was placed at the very end, but do try the Shrimp dumplings with a hint of Soy sauce, it was so good I went for seconds.

Finish off your meal with fruits, delicious desserts, and a knafeh station that will not disappoint, with your choice of beverage. Knafeh and chai anyone?


If you are stepping out to the Grand Hyatt this Ramadan, make sure to take a cardiagan or a jacket for when the wind blows too cold, because the live oud music is great to compliment your meal and ambiance of gathering with family and friends during the Holy month, you really don’t want to leave earlier as we did as it was too cold.

Iftar is served daily starting June 27th till the last day of Ramadan. For reservations call 06-4632544


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