To the world, a son is missing from the picture-perfect family, the comment of a lack of son is my daily struggle. “So how many kids?”, I smile and say two daughters, then comes the tilt.

Whether it’s the head slightly tiled to the left or to the right, a gentle stoke of a shoulder, a shy smile, and the infamous “Maybe next time around it’s a boy.”


The ideology society imposes about having girl’s vs boys is pathetic, it’s a gender double standard that should not exist. Since when is a son a preference over a daughter?

I think both genders are equally important to society. With the world constantly changing men and women, even sons and daughters should have equals roles in life and be able to do both genders “stereotypical” job or accomplish the other genders usefulness. If children are raised they can complete both sides of the gender bias and be able to accomplish anything they want making them equal not more important not less important than each other. The bottom line is, it’s all about how you raise your children, if anything the world needs more kindness and less judgement.

I am proud of having my two bundles of joy Hana and Ayah who bring so much into our lives.


Whenever I can, I will assure my growing ladies that I will support them in whatever decisions they make in life. I’ll be there, championing them the way I have been championed by their father and my father. Welcome to my journey of women empowerment one day at a time, one girl at a time.


Finally, just for kicks to all you beautiful ladies blessed with daughters please remember, a son is a son until he takes a wife but a daughter is a daughter all of her life!!

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