I remember when Hana started walking; we would drive out to the Arabian Horse Club (Nadi al Jawad) out on the airport road and would walk around the stables meeting horses. We fell in love with a black horse called Obama who is just so friendly and beautiful, and visited him frequently on a Friday afternoon. That was the summer of 2016.

Fast forward to 2017, the ritual went on. We took strolls every other week between the stables and fell in love with the horses. I had asked at the time if she was allowed to ride, and I think they thought I was crazy! Seriously she was only 2 at the time! Nevertheless, we let Hana sit on a pony (I really do believe they thought she would cry her eyes out which would make me back down), yet – she leaned forward and stroked the pony. I was so proud, I doubt I was ever that courageous, her love for animals is amazing and beyond anything I have ever learned.

August 2016, Hana reaching out to Obama. She was one at the time.

Riding was not an option though, she would be allowed to ride at the age of three for fun, however she wasn’t allowed to enroll into professional classes until she is six years old of age. I was told that children taking professional lessons under the age of six can caused bowed legs.

So the finally, the much anticipated Summer of 2018, and on a beautiful Friday afternoon in mid-April, Hana and I headed out to Nadi Al Jawad and met ‘Angel’ – she truly is an angel, she isn’t a small pony, and is one of the calmest horses I have ever met and she is so good with children.

A 20 minute riding session costs 10 Jordanian Dinars inclusive of head gear and supervision coach.

I am not a rider, neither is my husband, so this love for horses is beyond fascinating to me at least. Riding is a lot of hard work, it allows children to learn discipline, and responsibility toward horses, and brings out confidence that can end up being a lifelong skill. I am hoping that her interest in horses will survive until she is 6 years of age so we can see if her interest in going further. Who says she cannot grow up to be an equestrians?

Visiting Nadi Al Jawad soon? Head out to the airport road and take the exit as if you’re heading off to the DUNES CLUB on the other side, take a right as if you’re heading to the Chouiefat school, and then a left when you reach the T. The club is between EXIT club and Action Target. Horses work Tuesdays through Sundays, and have the day off on Mondays.

The club has an outdoor arena where competitions are held and professional riders go, and a smaller outdoor segment for children. In addition to an indoor arena that I remember from when I was a child because when the sun is blazing we used to go ride there during summer camps. The indoor arena is also used for competitions during the winter. In addition to an outdoor area for food and sheesha.

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