My eldest Hana is attending Lubna’s Pre School (so sad it’s our last year there she will be off to KG next year!), every December they encourage parents to read to their children through a fun and engaging competition, mind you, they encourage us to read to our children all year long as well.

This week we read many interesting books, my favorites (and probably Hana’s) are those listed below, and they are adored for many reasons, but mostly the importance of the morals of the stories.


A classic that cannot go wrong, what we love the most of this story is that it teaches the importance of working hard, helping others, staying active, and earning. We did feel bad about the hen not sharing in the end, but that’s life.

Also a classic that teaches the importance of hard work and dedication and that it will eventually pay off.

I love how it teaches wit. The small and medium sized goat use their wit to get across the bridge so the troll faces their oldest brother who can take over the monster. It teaches patience in a dilemma, on the surface, it might look like the goats are passing off the problem to the next goat, but, they understood each other and trusted each other, and this understanding of each other’s talents allowed them to defeat the troll.

Not sure how I can get a moral out of this for Hana, the fox lied and got away with it. We love this book especially around the holiday season, you know were baking and decorating when time permits, but the truth of the matter is, everyone in the book wants to eat the gingerbread man, starting with the baker and the wife who baked him. I think the book teaches trust as the gingerbread man runs from all who want to devour him yet fell for the lie for the one who says ‘Jump on my back, I’ll take you across!’. Maye next year when she is a little bit older.

What are your favorite books to read to your toddlers? Tell us in the comments below and inspire us to expand our library.

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