After a night of trying to figure out where to dine, my fiance and I were confused on whether to go to for a proper sit-down formal dinner or some drive through junk food and settled on Champions. The drive to the usually over-crowded Shmesiani was surprisingly pleasant and we made it to the hotel by 9:15. We were seated and placed our order by 9:30, which were very simple, a classic Champions Burger with Mushrooms on the side and extra pickles for me, and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich for him, no drinks just water. Read more

Yesterday just before the end of the work day, I caught a mouth watering picture on Facebook, one that just yelled at me for not trying to smash into my screen and grab it, of course you may notice the exaggeration in my tone, but really I am not exaggerating but rest assured it was the “hunger factor”. Mario’s Pizza,  a pizzeria located at the top of the street by Robina’s Studio on the 7th circle announced the following caption on that crazy image I was talking about “Introducing Buffalo Chicken Calzone .. Amazing spicy taste :)”

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Iftar at Kashmir and Al-Argeelah started off as disappointing, although I am generally a big fan of pre set menus and rarely go for buffets during the Holy Month of Ramadan but I made an exception as I wasn’t the one making the reservations, however now I am sure pre-set menus are the way to go! Upon arriving and being escorted by a host to our table we were greeted by a waiter passing around soup, sadly Lentil Soup was served and they didn’t have another option, who does that in Ramadan I wondered to myself. Out of five people, three  asked for another option, and ofcourse go figure, they don’t serve any. Its never safe to assume that people like Lentil soup so I found that a major disappointment to break my fast. Read more

Ramadan at Khuttar is certainly a delightful experience if you plan on going with a group of friends or even your family, for card lovers like my self you can always set up base and play cards or you can just play backgammon which is available at the cafe it self. I met up with a few Advisors from the Meal Advisors Team and it is needless to say that it was a supeb experience. Read more

Went to Casereccio for Iftar yesterday and although the place only had four occupied tables the service was too slow. Knowing that Ramadan orders take time to process, my friend and I showed up at 7:20 (20 minutes before the call for Maghreb prayers) to choose what we wanted to eat from the preset menu.

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While checking out Kitchenette’s Twitter Stream earlier this morning, I settled on one of my all-time-favorite Kitchenette’s very own “Curry Chicken w/ Coconut Milk” – A Thai dish described on their website as “shredded crispy chicken with green, red and yellow peppers spiced with curry powder and covered in coconut milk.” I registered my order via TWEET (which believe it or not I find hilarious, asking Kitchenette to deliver food to my office at 1:30 with a tweet but who’s counting), only to be surprised by a tweet back from Kitchenette’s Twitter Handle saying: “how about we send you a sample of 1 of the new dishes to give us your opinion :)”

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It’s been almost two years since I have dined at Casereccio Abdoun, mainly because I find delivery to be more convenient and quite frankly, I find Casereccio Abdoun located in a busy alley where I can’t bother go through the traffic to get there. Friday was an exception.

When I made it to Casereccio with a few friends, I was shocked to have seen the attention to detail in the remodeling; they have eliminated the upper floor and turned into a nice, cozy, Italian restaurant. It felt like country side Tuscany and they have beautiful art set up in front of the restaurant that resembles a true dining experience for those sitting parallel to the street. Read more

Although the first official tweet up on a plane was in the world was back in February of 2010 organized by Bombardier, Royal Jordanian and the Online project have proved to have been pioneers to bring together the first plane tweet up not in Jordan only but in the region.


If you tweet, you probably have seen the hashtag #RJLaunch on twitter, and if you’ve been following some tweeps today who were lucky enough to be there, then you have a slight clue of what am about to tell you.

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They say some people “Eat to Live” while others “Live to Eat!”: I’m one of the others, and if you know me on a personal level, you’d know this much: I love food, everything from cooking it, eating it, exchanging recipes and trying out new cuisines. But most of all, if someone recommends a place, I’d go, even if I dont agree with you, I would still go and check it out, and thats what I did two weeks ago, one of my friends recommended that I try R&B down at the first circle, and because it was a recommendation, I have decided to e-mail them rather than blog about them, but then again, I decided to give the place another chance, but the food failed to impress my taste buds, so I decided to blog about it Read more

It is very common for my friends and I to be hungry and order in throughout the day, and today my friend Nadeen and I were famished at the office, that we ordered in lunch as early as 1:00 p.m. While wondering what to order in for lunch today I eyed the “Yatta Sushi” menu on my desk and figured, hey I love browsing through their menu so might as well do it! So I flashed it at Nadeen, she said nope with the big smile on her face, meaning yes, but we’re about to go out of line to order in food, but hey we got paid two days ago, so we can afford to go splurging out paychecks on sushi once a month. Read more