Since it has become a tradition to order in lunch at the office at least three times a week and always complain or applaud the services that we receive, and since I strongly agree with the statement that “I live to eat” because food is such an enjoyment in my life, I have decided to start up a new tag in “Sleepless in Amman” called “The Jo3an Review” for those of you who are non-arab speakers jo3an means hungry, a word that I always say when am famished; which is when the massive consumptions kick into my daily life.

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Yesterday I got an email from Mohammad Azzam, a very nice young man that I met during the MENAICT Forum earlier this month, he read my blog post on KFC, “KFC Jordan: Pure Filth Served Daily” and has e-mailed the post to the KFC head-quarters! As it turns out the Quality Manager of the region called him and apologized and requested a meeting with me to show us the “True KFC Experience”. Read more

While talking about food and hygiene in the office today, I brought up my last food poising episode here in Amman, it was from KFC! I ordered a Zinger Supreme sandwich at around 6:00 p.m, from KFC for an early dinner, by midnight, I woke up with the weirdest nausea feeling on the face of earth, and then it turned into a vomiting fiesta at the house. By 5:00 a.m in the morning, I couldn’t handle the pain, and my mother rushed me to hospital, and they pumped by stomach for any food residue! The food poisoning was so bad that my stomach lining got infected and I had to stay home for three days and was banned from consuming anything other than water. Read more

Following my dissatisfaction with Kitchenettes food yesterday and my blog post, I received a few tweets from their (silent) partner who refers to his partnership as “Not so Silent.” He replied to my tweet announcing the blog post saying: “ i agree @Kitchenette can b “misleading” as we haven’t finished photographing all our meals & still using Wikipedia entries 4 text” and continued “basically ur elaborate feedback illustrated my strong position loudly 🙂 & 4 that Im Thankful & sorry 4 the bad lunch @ same time”!

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The moment I walked into the office today my colleage Nadeen exclaimed that she wanted to try Kitchenette for lunch today, and I figured, it is never harmful to try something new, and many people on twitter seemed fond of their services.

We checked out today’s menu, which featured, Caesar Salad, Chicken Escallop sandwich, Kebbeh Labaniyeh, Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk and Lasgna! I was desperate to have some Lasagna but wasn’t sure I was willing to have pasta delivered to my office, I like my Lasagna hot and fresh. Read more