I’m Lara.

A wife, mum, and food activist who aims to inspire healthy living practices, blogs about helping other parents redefine parenthood.

On my blog you will find easy recipes that are simple so you and your family can create and eat delicious food at home, even if cooking isn’t your thing. You will also find some posts inspired by my kids Hana and Ayah and some of our activities out and about.

Everyone in a while you will see a review about a product or a restaurant that we’ve tried. YES, I do encourage all of you to cook at home and to identify the sources of your food, BUT THEN AGAIN, who am I kidding, people do dine out, you get invited, you go out with your friends or spouses for dinner, but you will notice that most reviews do not come from junk food or fast food restaurants. Today, life is busy.

I’m thrilled that we’ve connected, thanks for stopping by my blog. Don’t be a stranger and come back frequently…


Cook. Eat. Repeat.



Fall Organization Hacks

Whether you have a house keeper or not, someone who comes once a week to clean, or you simply distribute chores to your family members, there are some things that only mom is diligent enough to do! This Fall I’m spending 20 minutes per…

Hawaiian Birthday Inspiration

A child’s first birthday is always special, especially the first child! When Hana turned one in 2016 we had a nice Hawaiian themes birthday in our garden. She wasn’t in school at the time, so we wanted to keep it simple, my friends were…

Visiting Istanbul with a Toddler 

As a mother of a baby (8 months now) and a 3-year-old toddler, one of the toughest decisions was to plan a vacation and act on it. Worried about not being able to provide nutritious food that is clean and age appropriate to my youngest Ayah,…

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Empowering Women Through Cooking Contributor

I’ve contributed a “made with love from the freshest ingredients” recipe to ‘Empowering Women through cooking – Jordan’ 

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