I’m Lara.

A wife, mum, and food activist who aims to inspire healthy living practices, blogs about helping other parents redefine parenthood.

On my blog you will find easy recipes that are simple so you and your family can create and eat delicious food at home, even if cooking isn’t your thing. You will also find some posts inspired by my kids Hana and Ayah and some of our activities out and about.

Everyone in a while you will see a review about a product or a restaurant that we’ve tried. YES, I do encourage all of you to cook at home and to identify the sources of your food, BUT THEN AGAIN, who am I kidding, people do dine out, you get invited, you go out with your friends or spouses for dinner, but you will notice that most reviews do not come from junk food or fast food restaurants.
Today, life is busy.

Between work, kids, managing the house, school, play dates, home works, and extracurricular activities, making a meal could be a hassle, and we end up relying on feeding our families more junk and food out of a box that we anticipate.
I am on a missing for a healthier life style, and this include some seriously planting, and prepping meals from farm to table,

I’m thrilled that we’ve connected, thanks for stopping by my blog. Don’t be a stranger and come back frequently.


Cook. Eat. Repeat.


Having children just puts the whole world into perspective.

Being a Mom

Being a mom is a privilege, and it’s also a responsibility. Being a mom and an entrepreneur is hectic, and even the word hectic is an understatement. Between trying to balance both comes the toxic influence of everyone who either thinks I’m…

10 Things that no one told me about Motherhood

It’s always an interesting experience trying something out for the first time; motherhood is interesting to say the least. Of course, everyone has their dose of advice and tips to share here and there, but when an expecting friends asks about…

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Empowering Women Through Cooking Contributor

I’ve contributed a “made with love from the freshest ingredients” recipe to ‘Empowering Women through cooking – Jordan’ 

Get your copy today knowing that a part of the proceeds World Food Programme and Tkiyet Um Ali.


Scattered and often late night thoughts.

The next chapter of Sleepless in Amman

There is something about this fast-paced life that has really gotten to me, and has managed to affect my love and dedication to Sleepless in Amman in ways I couldn’t imagine. I started this blog on August 8th, 2010, fast forward five years…

Je Suis Islam A Religion of love peace and tranquility

My first blog post of 2015 had me tossing and turning almost in time of break of dawn. I usually start the year light on the blog, resolutions, movies I’d like to watch, something along these lines, but this year, I couldn’t wait to write…

Interview with Ahmad Hanandeh – CEO of Zain Jordan

While I was hoping to catch Mr. Handandeh at the MENA ICT Forum as I had with Orange Jordan's CEO, a competitive and conflicting schedule seemed to complicate matters, but that didn't stop the MENAICT Forum's PR Team to get me in touch via email…

Interview with Jean Francois Thomas - CEO of Orange JO during the MENAICT Forum

I’m back at the MENAICT Forum for the third year in a row, and this year, I got the chance to have a 10 minute one-on-one chat with Mr. Jean Francois Thomas, the CEO of Jordan Telecom/Orange Jordan, to talk about where his company is currently,…

10 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the MENA ICT 2014

Under the patronage of His Majesty, King Abdullah II – the MENAICT Forum is the regions annual ICT industry event here in Jordan. If you have been following my blog since it started in 2010, you’d be able to tell that YES, for the 3rd year…

Maysoon’s Kids - Feed a Mind Campaign in Beit Fajjar Palestine

You've probably seen Maysoon Zayid’s TED Talk that has gone viral over the internet. Whether it was a friend who shared it on Facebook, Twitter, or any social network you use, you know for a fact that this phenomenal woman is out to make a…


A little bit of here and there.

Restaurant Review: PAUL

A good venue for breakfast, lunch, or brunch, step out and enjoy a delightful meal at PAUL. Located in City Mall, parking wouldn’t be an issue; I personally dislike handing over my car to Valet, so having a safe parking space is always a…

Review: P.F. Chang's JO

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably seen pictures here and there from P.F. Chang’s earlier this evening. I was honored to have been invited to a dinner to experience the most exotic tastes and flavors that Chinese food…

Unleashing Google Glass

What happens when you give a girl who thinks she is tech-savvy, but in reality, not so much Google Glass for a few days? Thanks to Umniah, you are just about to find out how Sleepless rocked it! Ha! So what was it like wearing Google Glass…

Restaurant Review: Umami

Ever since Umami started teasing on Twitter that they would be adding Sushi to their menu soon, I couldn’t stop wondering when and how. But then figuring it wasn’t as soon as I wanted it to be, I asked if I could be invited for a tasting,…

Review: Pizza Express

My cousin Basma has been raving about this pizza place forever and ever! She went on about it for so long, that my husband suspected it was owned by her fiancés family or something, funny story, random, and completely untrue, but oh well, it…

Movie Review: Jack Reacher

Spontaneously, my husband and I decided to catch a movie last night, the last two we’ve seen we’re quite horrible. Brad Pitt has disappointed me in what seemed to be like a low budget production in “KILLING THEM SOFTLY” and Nicholas…

A selection of Quick & Easy recipes published in Family Flavours Magazine.