Sujuk Scrambled Eggs

Flavorful breakfast ready in 5 minutes. Moist eggs, spicy sujuk, and melted kashkaval cheese!

Homemade Humus

A traditional hummus recipe includes tahini and makes a wonderful snack or appetizer.
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Fattet Hummus

A satisfying weekend brunch using leftover bread. I use dinner rolls or hamam bread that hasn't been used to pack lunch boxes during the week to minimize food waste in our household.  Or you can use a traditional recipe by frying pita…

Manaqeesh Express

A soft flatbread dough topped with a variety of toppings, packed with flavors you cannot go wrong with this express recipe that rises and rolls within 20 minutes

Deviled Eggs

This was a good way to change up deviled eggs. The pastrami adds a nice flavor and gives this a twist to classic deviled eggs. Ingredients 6 Hard Boiled Eggs 1/2 Cup light mayonnaise 1 TSP Mustard 4 pastrami slices lightly…
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Lahmeh Bi Bayd (Eggs & Meat)

Some have it for breakfast and others like it for dinner. During Ramadan this is a must have on our table, at least every other day. Ingredients 150 g veal 4 eggs 2 medium onions diced finely 1/2 TBSP Cinnamon 1/2 TBSP Sea Salt …

Our Favorite Egg Recipes

We’re a family who loves EGGS! Seriously we go through a large carton every week. With that said we love eggs because we’re always alternating between recipes. I for one fancy up my eggs, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce anyone? But…

Avocado Baked Eggs

Talk about an Omega-3 powered breakfast! It may look like a fancy and hard to make breakfast, but trust me, it's easy to make, incredibly nutritious, and packed with healthy fatty acids and high proteins that your body will appreciate. Ingredients 2…