I’m Lara.

A wife, mum, and food activist who aims to inspire healthy living practices, blogs about helping other parents redefine parenthood.

On my blog you will find easy recipes that are simple so you and your family can create and eat delicious food at home, even if cooking isn’t your thing. You will also find some posts inspired by my kids Hana and Ayah and some of our activities out and about.

Everyone in a while you will see a review about a product or a restaurant that we’ve tried. YES, I do encourage all of you to cook at home and to identify the sources of your food, BUT THEN AGAIN, who am I kidding, people do dine out, you get invited, you go out with your friends or spouses for dinner, but you will notice that most reviews do not come from junk food or fast food restaurants.
Today, life is busy.

Between work, kids, managing the house, school, play dates, home works, and extracurricular activities, making a meal could be a hassle, and we end up relying on feeding our families more junk and food out of a box that we anticipate.
I am on a missing for a healthier life style, and this include some seriously planting, and prepping meals from farm to table,

I’m thrilled that we’ve connected, thanks for stopping by my blog. Don’t be a stranger and come back frequently.


Cook. Eat. Repeat.


Having children just puts the whole world into perspective.

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Empowering Women Through Cooking Contributor

I’ve contributed a “made with love from the freshest ingredients” recipe to ‘Empowering Women through cooking – Jordan’ 

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Scattered and often late night thoughts.

Sister Act

If you were born in the 80's watching "Sister Act" in the early 90's by Whoopi Goldberg is probably something that you've done, one, twice, thrice, or ten times. Personally I couldn't get enough of the Comedy Musical, not because it was just…

New Years Eve 2014 Celebrations

As the New Year Celebrations kick off in New Zeland, I'm starting this blogpost with pictures of the celebrations from all around the world. Stay tuned for updates on hourly basis. New Zealand is first country to welcome 2014 with spectacular…

Preparing to load 2014

By midnight tomorrow we will be turning our backs to 2013 and stepping into another life-changing year. Yes, believe it or not, a year, in its 365 days, can be life changing. This sleepless blog is dedicated to reflect on the people/things/moments…

The Roommate and the Silver Plate

I stumbled upon this story on my Facebook feed today, and it made me laugh! The author is unknown so I can't give credits to this one, but its worth sharing! Happy Reading! A mom visits her son for dinner, who lives with a female roommate.…

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts! Make a difference today.

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard it, it has flooded your Facebook feed, twitter, instagram etc... what can I say, our social networks are flooded with rants and complaints about the cold weather, and of course the occasional gloat that we will…

December Baby!

Here goes my December rant! Must be the weather, because I’m cold! Like really cold! Dressed up in several layers, yet my fingers seem to have taken a liking with a new hue of reddish-blue while I’m typing up this post, which is not as sleepless…


A little bit of here and there.

Sleepless Movie Review: When Monaliza Smiled

As a Jordanian you are strongly discouraged from smiling, or perhaps that’s what many people think or say. You rarely see anyone smile, if people smile at you for no reason they are either up to something or pure lunatics. A horrible stereotype…

King Of Wings

There is Buffalo and there is Wings and then there is both...combined with kick-ass organization by eguides team and the one and only host of Good Food, Good Times and Good Sports Champions Amman, it is safe to say that the KING OF WINGS contest…

Champions Amman: Good Food...Average Service...Bad Hygiene

After a night of trying to figure out where to dine, my fiance and I were confused on whether to go to for a proper sit-down formal dinner or some drive through junk food and settled on Champions. The drive to the usually over-crowded Shmesiani…

Mario's Pizza: Simply Tastier

Yesterday just before the end of the work day, I caught a mouth watering picture on Facebook, one that just yelled at me for not trying to smash into my screen and grab it, of course you may notice the exaggeration in my tone, but really I am…

Review: International Iftar Buffet @ Kashmir & Al Argeeleh

Iftar at Kashmir and Al-Argeelah started off as disappointing, although I am generally a big fan of pre set menus and rarely go for buffets during the Holy Month of Ramadan but I made an exception as I wasn't the one making the reservations,…

Review: Khuttariat Ramadani Nights @ Khuttar

Ramadan at Khuttar is certainly a delightful experience if you plan on going with a group of friends or even your family, for card lovers like my self you can always set up base and play cards or you can just play backgammon which is available…

A selection of Quick & Easy recipes published in Family Flavours Magazine.