I’m Lara.

A wife, mum, and food activist who aims to inspire healthy living practices, blogs about helping other parents redefine parenthood.

On my blog you will find easy recipes that are simple so you and your family can create and eat delicious food at home, even if cooking isn’t your thing. You will also find some posts inspired by my kids Hana and Ayah and some of our activities out and about.

Everyone in a while you will see a review about a product or a restaurant that we’ve tried. YES, I do encourage all of you to cook at home and to identify the sources of your food, BUT THEN AGAIN, who am I kidding, people do dine out, you get invited, you go out with your friends or spouses for dinner, but you will notice that most reviews do not come from junk food or fast food restaurants.
Today, life is busy.

Between work, kids, managing the house, school, play dates, home works, and extracurricular activities, making a meal could be a hassle, and we end up relying on feeding our families more junk and food out of a box that we anticipate.
I am on a missing for a healthier life style, and this include some seriously planting, and prepping meals from farm to table,

I’m thrilled that we’ve connected, thanks for stopping by my blog. Don’t be a stranger and come back frequently.


Cook. Eat. Repeat.


Having children just puts the whole world into perspective.

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Empowering Women Through Cooking Contributor

I’ve contributed a “made with love from the freshest ingredients” recipe to ‘Empowering Women through cooking – Jordan’ 

Get your copy today knowing that a part of the proceeds World Food Programme and Tkiyet Um Ali.


Scattered and often late night thoughts.

The sequel to happily ever after

“…and they lived together happily ever after” – how many times did we read those sentences at the end of a fairy tale as children?! I guess there is always a happily ever after in children books, but do they really exist? What do we…

Sleepless in Amman featured in “ANTY Magazine"

Sleepess in Amman was featured in “ANTY Magazine” earlier this August alongside two other Jordanian bloggers – Lama Haddadin of Caramelized Thoughts's and Sarah Dajani of Devour Blog. To all of my Readers who are not able to read the…

14 Leaders tell us who the regions most exciting companies are hiring

Today, published an article about what different companies across diverse industries in the Middle East look for when hiring. As the Director of Social Media Strategy at Digital Front, I was among 14 other leaders who were chosen to…

The most fascinating dates to enjoy

While dates are more consumed during the Holy Month of Ramadan than any other day of the year (statistic based on the behavior of my family & friends - seeing as I can't really prove this is a world-wide trend) - many forget that they are…

Awe-inspiring Mosques

As Muslims observe the Holy Month of Ramadan tomorrow the 10th of July, I can’t help but think of – well - the bloodshed in Syria, the ugliness of the brotherhood in Egypt that seem to give Islam a bad name, a continuously heart-breaking…

Interview with Under the Same Moon Writer Ligiah Villalobos

"My mom says, when I miss her, I should look at the moon, because she'll be looking at it too." That's how the trailer of "Under the Same Moon" begins. We've all seen it in the movies, TV shows, and read it in the news at some extent; many Mexican…


A little bit of here and there.

Review: Casereccio Iftar in Ramadan

Went to Casereccio for Iftar yesterday and although the place only had four occupied tables the service was too slow. Knowing that Ramadan orders take time to process, my friend and I showed up at 7:20 (20 minutes before the call for Maghreb…

Review: Kitchenette - Chinese & Thai

While checking out Kitchenette’s Twitter Stream earlier this morning, I settled on one of my all-time-favorite Kitchenette’s very own “Curry Chicken w/ Coconut Milk” – A Thai dish described on their website as “shredded crispy chicken…

Review: Casereccio Abdoun

It's been almost two years since I have dined at Casereccio Abdoun, mainly because I find delivery to be more convenient and quite frankly, I find Casereccio Abdoun located in a busy alley where I can't bother go through the traffic to get there.…

Tweetup: The Royal Jordanian Experience

Although the first official tweet up on a plane was in the world was back in February of 2010 organized by Bombardier, Royal Jordanian and the Online project have proved to have been pioneers to bring together the first plane tweet up not in…

R'n'B Diner: The Full Sleepless Experience

They say some people "Eat to Live" while others "Live to Eat!": I'm one of the others, and if you know me on a personal level, you'd know this much: I love food, everything from cooking it, eating it, exchanging recipes and trying out new cuisines.…

Review: Yatta Sushi

It is very common for my friends and I to be hungry and order in throughout the day, and today my friend Nadeen and I were famished at the office, that we ordered in lunch as early as 1:00 p.m. While wondering what to order in for lunch today…

A selection of Quick & Easy recipes published in Family Flavours Magazine.