Empowering women in the workplace, marketplace and community is a responsibility that falls on everyone’s shoulders.

We need to actively fight for women to be a contributing leaders in everyday life. Forget social norms, forget that women have been [and unfortunately still are] second class citizens, and remember that one woman at a time we are able to change the narrative.

To me, changing that narrative came from a single recipe. Yes! Sounds bizarre, you know, women, cooking, the whole stereotype, but believe it or not when the Seven Circles team reached out to me a year ago about this book, I fell madly in love before I even saw it in print.

The book features Jordanian women, who tell a story, share a recipe, and beyond. See the foodie in me appreciates great food, and appreciates the influence of a good home cooked meal and its impact on our minds and souls, so you can only imagine the beauty of passing on those secret priceless heirlooms to the next generation.

54 recipes (notice how in my video I said 55, must be that fact that I hate odd numbers), and each recipe comes with a story, comes from a woman who invites you to her kitchen, to her way of cooking, to the way she has fed her family and friends, and an invitation to the most intimate time one can have developing a recipe.

My recipe, Sfeeha, was passed down to me by my mother. Also a working mother to date, bless her! No matter how hard life got, no matter how difficult her day was, mom always managed the perfect balance between food, work, and parenting. Yes, food was within the balance because if you know my mom, you know that takeout is a big no, and bites as simple as olives, shankleesh, and labaneh are made home from scratch with love. I don’t know how she did it. I’m 31 now and I still have no idea how she does it to date. Mashallah!

This book, these series of books, will leave a great imprint on changing the narrative when it comes to cooking. Honestly speaking, it’s a male dominated field, think Gordon Ramsey, Bobby Flay, Jamie Oliver, and yes I am throwing up the big names out there because in my humble and completely biased opinion the women who have contributed recipes to this book will guarantee that every served dish is wiped clean.

So here’s to all of you wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) behind this book!

EWC-Jordan benefits Feeding All Foundation, which belongs to Seven’s World

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