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Halawet El Jibn

Halawet el-jibn is a Levantine Arabic dessert made of a Semolina and cheese dough, filled with cream. It’s one of my few guilty pleasures and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make at home.


Homemade Cheese Sambosek

Making sambusak dough by hand is a pleasure passed down to me by my mom, who refuses to buy them fresh from the bakery let alone get the frozen version. Those are time consuming to make and require a paste maker machine to run the dough thin, but the result is worth it and phenomenal.

Homemade Qatayef

With Ramadan around the corner, there is one contant dessert on everyone’s table: QATAYEF. Whether you love eating the raw mini’s with fillings or opt for a fryed/baked version with cheese or walnuts, you cannot go wrong with this easy recipe.


Homemade Kubbeh

Kubbeh is a lost art. I mean how many people bother to make it at home when some women sell it from home and you’re more likely to find it in the frozen section of the supermarket. With that said – I am into lost art especially when the techniques are passed down to me […]


Zucchini or Cauliflower Fritters

Crispy on the outside, and moist but not soggy on the inside. This is a family favorite made by my mom, so whenever you are making food using stuffed zucchini you can always use the inner flesh to make a batch, or just go ahead and make one from scratch, these are kid-friendly and great […]


Truffle Infused Alfredo Sauce

The luxurious flavors of truffles and cream transform everyday pasta into an elegant Italian-style dish—perfect for dinner parties or savory weeknight feasts. I found a truffle butter while grocery shopping this weekend and needless to say it did not disappoint.

Easy Homemade Bagels

If you love Bagels, you’re going to love how easy and cheap to make this homemade recipe is. Try it and you’ll never go back to store-bought or frozen variety again. The recipe yields 10 medium sized bagels or 20 mini sized bagels, I used a scale to measure each ball, they measured at 110 […]