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Zucchini or Cauliflower Fritters

Crispy on the outside, and moist but not soggy on the inside. This is a family favorite made by my mom, so whenever you are making food using stuffed zucchini you can always use the inner flesh to make a batch, or just go ahead and make one from scratch, these are kid-friendly and great […]


Truffle Infused Alfredo Sauce

The luxurious flavors of truffles and cream transform everyday pasta into an elegant Italian-style dish—perfect for dinner parties or savory weeknight feasts. I found a truffle butter while grocery shopping this weekend and needless to say it did not disappoint.


Easy Homemade Bagels

If you love Bagels, you’re going to love how easy and cheap to make this homemade recipe is. Try it and you’ll never go back to store-bought or frozen variety again. The recipe yields 10 medium sized bagels or 20 mini sized bagels, I used a scale to measure each ball, they measured at 110 […]


Homemade Kaak

The journey of homemade Kaak started when my cousin Nana decided she was sick of the traditional Cheese platter and wanted something with an oriental twist, and with that came those miniature versions of our favorite toasted sesame kaak.


Homemade Saj Bread

Traditionally cooked over charcoals or wood fire on a large dome-like skillet called Saj. I have none but managed to get creative by cover the handles of my wok and turning it upside down to create the saj skillet. Don’t have a Wok? Don’t shy away of trying this recipe with an iron cast.


Our Favorite Egg Recipes

We’re a family who loves EGGS! Seriously we go through a large carton every week. With that said we love eggs because we’re always alternating between recipes. I for one fancy up my eggs, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce anyone? But for real, with two kids aged 3 and 1, the simplest ingredients make a […]

Our Favorite Books in Dec

My eldest Hana is attending Lubna’s Pre School (so sad it’s our last year there she will be off to KG next year!), every December they encourage parents to read to their children through a fun and engaging competition, mind you, they encourage us to read to our children all year long as well. This […]

Hello 32!

Life is a roller coaster; time passes by so fast you feel like a hamster on a wheel. I feel in the short 32 years that I’ve lived so far that I did it by the book, so here is to a year where I should go with my gut instead. I did my dues, […]